Reviewing the Top 10 Affordable Inverter Products in Nigeria 2024

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Power Inverters have grown to become one of the most sort after devices today in Nigeria owing to a rather epileptic power supply that's perennially been experienced with no end in sight, causing homes and businesses to seek alternative power supply from renewable sources of which an inverter acts as a catalyst. Have you ever considered buying an inverter for your home or business and are stuck on which brand to settle for?  Well, this post could be for you as we examine the best of the most affordable inverter brands in Nigeria in 2024  so sit back and read through as you may have found enough information about that inverter brand you were searching for.
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Inverters are the lifeblood of any functional solar system and as such getting a reliable inverter that matches one's budget and functional expectation isn't much of a herculean task but rather one that requires proper research which is why we have taken time to pen down the best of the cheaper or affordable inverter brands in Nigeria in 2024 and their prices based on our own analysis and real-time experimentation with all of these brands.

Best Affordable Inverter Brand In Nigeria As at 2024

1. Adwin: 

Adwin is an Indian inverter brand manufactured with the right specifications to deliver performance and expectations. Designed as a pure sinewave inverter to provide maximal output and continuous functionality this inverter is well suited for all-round use. Adwin inverters are designed in 1kva, 2kva, 2.5kva, and 4kva capacities and are available in 12, 24, and 48VDC respectively. Adwin inverters are built as table-mounted inverters and the prices are in the ranges of #120,000 to #500,000 depending on your chosen capacity. Some notable features are a transformer-based, Intelligent three-stage charging system, Front display functions, reverse polarity protection, and more.

What We Like About the Adwnm: All round efficient inverter for home use, reliable, and with good service support.

Drawbacks: Heavy, not so battery friendly, not compatible with Lithium battery, not too many features

Our Verdict: Good 7/10

2. Su-power fusion

Su power inverters are designed with durability and efficiency in mind, with exciting performance features added and lots of safety mechanisms included, this inverter would last the test of time if you decide to go for it. Built by renowned Indian manufacturers Su-Kam, Su-power has a mix of the old blend of ruggedity and the new fusion of innovation making it an ideal choice any day. Designed as a table unit, this inverter has an incredible surge power that enables it to handle even the toughest of loads. Built in the 900va, 1.6kva, 2.5kva, and 4kva variants the Su-power can run in 12, 24, or 48 VDC. Features include battery polarity protection, high surge capability, front LED display screen, four-stage intelligent battery charging, and low voltage protection. prices range from #100,000 to #500, depending on the capacity you choose.

What We Like About the Su-power: Designed for optimal efficiency, reliable and good for high surge loads equipped with good protection against high voltage

Drawbacks: Not compatible with generators for charging, Idle load a little on the high side.

Verdict: Good 7.5/10

3. Max: 

Max Inveters is another reliable and affordable inverter brand in 2024, have deployed this inverter brand in some of our completed projects this year we have not had cause to worry ever since. Designed as wall-mounted units and primarily hybrids the  Max inverters are built with lots of other wonderful features like an inbuilt battery management system, pure sinewave output, quiet and noiseless operation, lithium battery compatibility, and more. Built-in the 1kva, 2kva, 3.5kva and 5kva variants with 12, 24, and 48 VDC respectively. Prices would range from #100,000 to #500,000 depending on the capacity chosen

What We Like About the Max Inverter: Sleek design, with a variety of functions, battery equalizing capabilities, efficient, lightweight with less heat during operation, battery efficiency. smart protection against backfeeding

Drawbacks: High beeping sound

Verdict: Good 7.5/10

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4. Helios

Helios is one inverter brand in whom we are well pleased, Designed and assembled in India this inverter has the making of a giant killer that would stand the test of time. Built as a table-mounted transformer base pure sinewave inverter this brand which has only been in the market since the first quarter of 2024 is rapidly gaining so much popularity due to its overall performance. Helios boasts technical features like feedback protection, generator charging compatibility, pure sinewave output, Intelligent 4-stage battery charging, battery management, and much more. Designed in 1.8kva, 2.3kva, 2.75kva 3.5kva, and 5kva capacities while maintaining the 12v, 24v, and 48v VDC. Price would range from #150,000 to #600,000 depending on the capacity.

What we Like about the Helios Inverter: Robust and all-round performance, inbuilt protection against high voltage, adequate cooling system to compensate for heat, compatibility with generators for charging, battery equalizing capabilities, rugged and ideal for surge loads, Lithium battery compatibility

Drawbacks: Heavy, idle battery consumption on the high.

Verdict: Good 8/10

5. Srne

On our list of the best affordable inverters in 2024 is the Srne inverter, designed as a wall-mounted inverter with lots of functions that enhance performance and efficiency these inverters are very equipped to handle high-capacity operations effectively. Mainly built as high-frequency inverters with the capabilities to perform either as hybrid or on-grid inverters, SRNE has the needed functionality that suits your everyday needs. designed in different variances like the 12, 24, and 48 VDC. Srne comes in the 1kva, 1.5kva 2.5kva 3.5kva 5kva, 10kva, and 12.5kva capacities with price ranging from #150,000 upwards.

What we like about the SRNE inverter: Sleek design and display functions, lightweight, overall efficiency, wall-mounted design, Lithium battery compatibility, multiple parallel features, and after-sales support.

Drawbacks: Designed mostly as hybrid units, 

Verdict: Good 6.6/10

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6. Sako

Sako inverters are designed mainly as high-frequency hybrid inverters renowned for impeccable battery management and improved functionalities. They are adapted with lithium battery connectivity front LED display, sleek and portable design, and wall mount compatibility. Built-in 1kva, 1.5kva, 2kva, 3.5kva 5.5kva, 8kva, and 11kva, remembering 12,24 and 48 VDC configuration. Prices may range from #100,000 to #1.500,000 depending on the capacity

What we like about the Sako Inverter: Sleek design, lithium battery compatibility, battery efficiency, lightweight, smart protection against back feeding, overload, high voltage or circuit problems, battery equalization capabilities, multiple parallel features super quiet operation, and after-sales support.

Drawbacks: Surge load intolerance, 

Verdict: Good 7.5/10

7. Ozoro

Ozoro inverters are designed in India with the latest and most advanced technology in play, durable, efficient, and able to withstand the harshest conditions of usage Ozoro inverters are your choice when settling for an inverter brand for your power needs. built in the typical transformer base low-frequency Indian style these inverters are fast becoming popular within the Nigerian Energy market space because of affordability, after-sale support, and reliability. Available in 900v, 1kva, 1.5kva, 2Kva, 2.5Kva, and 4kva capacities with 12, 24, and VDC battery compatibility respectively. Prices are from #150,000 to #600,000 

What we like about the Ozoro Inverter: Simple and sleek, ideal for high surge loads, and all-around efficiency, and after-sale support.

Drawback: Usually bulky, idle load a little on a high

Verdict: Good 6.5/10

8. Welion

Welion is a smart inverter brand from Chinese extract, renowned for performance, longevity, and overall efficiency. These inverter brands not only make affordable inverters but also place premium standards on performance. Welion inverters are designed mainly as high-frequency hybrid inverters with wall-mounted specifications, equipped to handle all types of loads both sensitive inductive and resistive. They are built in 1kva, 1.5kva, 2kva, 3kva, 5kva 8kva and 10kva mostly hybrid. Prices range from #100,000 to #400,000

What we like about the Welion Inverter: Lightweight, battery efficiency, Lithium battery compatibility, and battery equalization function.

Drawbacks: Little protection against high voltage and polarity, designed mainly as high-frequency inverters.

Verdict: 6.5/10


Selecting an inverter either for home or office use in 2024 requires making the right choice in terms of performance aftersale support and affordability, whichever choice you make be rest assured that these brands of inverters offer reliability and price friendliness all bumped up in one.

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