The Top 10 Inverter Brands in Nigeria for 2023

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Inverters have become an essential appliance in many Nigerian homes and businesses due to the country's unreliable power supply. Inverters provide backup electricity by converting DC battery power to AC and powering appliances when there is a power outage. 

With so many inverter brands in Nigeria to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which one to buy. The key is finding a reliable inverter that provides enough backup time, suits your budget, and has good after-sales support. In this article, we reveal and review the top 10 inverter brands in Nigeria for 2023.

Why Buy A Good Inverter Brand 

Investing in a good inverter brand is critical because you want an inverter that will serve you for years without issues. Bad inverter brands often overheat, damage connected appliances, and have short lifespans. Good brands make efficient, long-lasting inverters using quality components. They also have a strong dealer network for after-sales support.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing an Inverter Brand


Choose established brands with many positive reviews. Newer brands are riskier.

After-sales support 

Ensure the brand has a wide dealer network for repairs and maintenance. 


Longer warranties of 2 years+ show confidence in product quality.


More expensive doesn't always mean better quality. Compare prices of models with similar specs.

Inverter type 

Choose either a standby or portable inverter depending on your needs.

Output power  

Buy an inverter with enough capacity for your appliances/backup time needs.

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Top 10 Inverter Brands in Nigeria

After comparing numerous brands available in Nigeria, we believe these 10 brands make the most reliable inverters suitable for Nigerian homes and small businesses:

1. Gennex

Gennex is an established American brand that entered the Nigerian market over 20 years ago through its local partner Green Energy. They make excellent inverters optimized for Nigerian power issues like frequent surges. The hybrid Off-grid range is trendy for long backups.

Key features:

Optimal quality components 

2-year warranty

Wide dealer network

Hybrid Off-grid range for long backup

2. Luminous

Luminous from India has a reputation for making affordable yet functional inverters. The brand focuses on portable inverters favored by small businesses and homeowners. Popular models like the Zelio and Crux range get good reviews.

Key features:

Affordable prices

2-year warranty 

Reliable portable inverters

Zelio and Crux range are customer favorites

3. Prag

Prag is a European inverter brand that has made its name in the Nigerian market. Renowned for its production of heavy-duty high-quality inverters that meet the needs of all market shares, Prag is not just a household name but one you can certainly trust. 

Key features:

Affordable prices

Built with quality in mind

Good after-sales support

2-year warranty

4. Xtra Power

Xtra Power makes exceptional inverters using advanced Chinese technology. They focus on sleek and efficient designs. Xtra power inverters are a great choice for homes and offices that need silent operation and clean power output.

Key features:

Chinese technology 

Silent operation

Provides clean sine wave output

1-year warranty

5. Afri Power

Afri Power is a reputable electrical company that has manufactured quality inverters locally since 1993. They are a great choice for buyers looking to support quality products. Afri Power's KPI series inverters are their latest reliable range.

Key features:

Available replacement parts in Nigeria

Local after-sales network 

KPI series is their latest range

Affordable prices

1-year warranty

6. Lento

Lento is a reputable Indian power management company. They are relatively new to the Nigerian inverter market but the global popularity of their high-end Offgrid and Hybrid inverter ranges has followed them into the country.

Key features: 

Recognized brand

High-end inverter models

High-end Hybrid ranges are market leaders

2-year warranty

7. Techfine

Techfine is the electronics arm of the Nextgen Nigeria Group. Their inverter brands are some of the best portable solar inverters ideal for office and home use in the Nigerian market currently, this brand is a combination of Korean technology and simple easy-to-use features to make up a wholesomely customer-friendly inverters.

Key features:

Korean Engineering

Portable solar inverter range 

Reputable local partners NextGen 

1-year warranty

8. Felicity

Felicity inverters are manufactured by the Chinese company Shenzhen Kstar Science and Technology. They offer simple plug-and-play inverters bundled with batteries at affordable prices for Nigerian consumers.

Key features:

Affordable price bundles

Plug and play

1-year warranty

9. Smarten

Stable Inverter is a global brand owned by an Indian energy company Smarten Group. They focus on high-capacity inverters favored by businesses looking for reliable industrial-grade power backups. smarten inverters are highly reliable and easy to operate, making them a toast of the Nigerian market.

Key features:

Indian engineering

Industrial-grade inverters

Higher capacity models

2-year warranty

10. Growatt

Growatt inverters are highly technologically advanced inverters with its sole distributorship by Sygnite Power and Energy Solutions in Nigeria. Their inverters provide uninterrupted power with advanced battery management coupled with remote monitoring technology all at affordable prices.

Key features:

Advanced design

Remote monitoring technology

Advanced battery management 

Affordable prices

1-year warranty


Finding a suitable inverter in Nigeria can be difficult, but choosing one of the established brands above will assure you of quality and reliability. Study each brand's key features and compare models in your price range. For long-term savings, invest in reputable brands like Gennex or Luminous. However, also check newer entrants like Lento, Xtrapower, or Smarten providing value at great prices.

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